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School Services

Reduce the risk within your hallways & classrooms…

It’s clear that the transmission of COVID-19 is still prevalent throughout our nation, and more now than ever it’s becoming apparent that our educational system will need additional protection to keep our communities’ school doors open. Embry Health provides several options to ensure the safety of all children and staff (including those under the age of 12) dependent upon your educational services.

Protecting Our Most Valuable Assets...

Connect with Embry Health to choose the perfect customizable testing option best suited for your organization to better safeguard our students & educational staff from infection.
School Services


  • Pop-Up Testing Booth – Our Pop-Ups are convenient and ready to serve the community wherever we are needed. GREAT for events, especially those expecting heavy foot traffic.  
  • We-Come-To-You Testing – The convenience of our trained staff being on-site is incomparable. Schedule weekly testing to ensure your everyone stays safe and COVID-19 free. 
  • Parking Lot Drive-Thru – Your car is your waiting room. With over 50 sites in Arizona alone, our Embry Health Drive-Thrus are tailored to serve populous communities and ensure great patient experiences. 
  • Mobile Testing Clinics – The convenience of a Mobile Testing Clinic offers flexibility and mobility. The clinic can come to your school with the flexibility to service any type event, despite the number of participants expected. 

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