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Can’t make it to a test site?

eM+ At-Home Collection Kit

Results within 24-72 hours.

Find out whether you are infected with COVID-19

Easily test for SARS-CoV-2 infection whether you’re symptomatic or asymptomatic. Collect your sample at home and ship it free for secure digital results within 24-72 hours of the lab receiving your sample.

This is not a rapid test or an antibody test.

Pending FDA Authoriztion

This collection kit is pending an EUA from the FDA and is used with EUA authorized RT-PCR tests that meet FDA benchmarks for accuracy.

Gentle lower nasal swab

Lower nasal swab is designed to be easy and noninvasive for effective self-collection from home.


Pay $110 with no surprise bills, and the cost of the test may be reimbursed if you have health insurance



eM+ Provides Digital Results

Easy to understand results on any device

Easy to Understand

Gain meaningful insights about your health with easy-to-understand test results. We also provide you with additional resources and helpful tips along the way.


View a personalized report of each marker tested as well as detailed information about what your results mean for you.


Take action on your health and wellness. Use your report to help guide your next steps.

How It Works

Test easily without having to visit an in-person test site

Purchase & register your kit

Purchase the eM+ At Home Collection Kit from a retailer or order directly from Embry Health. You should receive your home collection kit within 2-8 business days, based on the shipping method you choose. Complete health intake survey and register your unique kit ID at

Collect sample at home

Self-collect Monday-Friday using an easy, gentle nasal swab and return to the designated overnight shipping carrier drop off location. You MUST drop off your sample on the same day you collect.

Receive results digitally

Results are sent digitally within 24-72 hours of the lab receiving your sample. If your coronavirus test results are positive, a free telehealth consult is available to guide you through your next steps.

Rapid COVID-19 Testing Copy
Rapid COVID-19 Testing Copy
Free COVID-19 testing
>70 state-wide testing sites
Trusted results within 2 - 3 Days
Free testing regardless of insurance